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A Day in our MAUI LIFE- Blog Edition

By January 20, 2017 Uncategorized

SOOO, normally I VLOG “A Day in our Maui Life” and put it up on youtube. My most recent video log of our day was from Christmas Day. You can watch it HERE. Yesterday the boys and I plus my friend Sarah, from @itsallwaysbeautiful, and her tribe joined us on a hike + fruity picnic and I had no intentions of documenting the day from our life, but I did snap some photos. And after the most breathtaking and medicinal kind of day I took one look at the photos and thought, “Well I have about 20 photos I’d love to share with you all, but the Instagram Police might be after me for posting too much in one day.” So here I am! I haven’t done a blog post in AGES…over a year now. Geez I gotta get on that! haha.

So anyways, about yesterday. Well first let me back up a bit. Andrew’s Aunt Paula is in town visiting us and she is the coolest aunt because she wants to do all the fun stuff and doesn’t slow down to say she’s had enough. She’s been here 10 days and she is always down for whatever we have planned. The other day we took her whale watching in Kihei and it was the most glorious day!

We saw so many whales breaching and at one point there were whales making appearances on all sides of the boat. We didn’t know which way to look first! “Whale at 12 O’Clock!” “We’ve got two breaching whales at 6 O’clock!” “9 O’clock pectoral fins.” (The “clocks” describing which side of the boat the whales were on.) You get the idea. Elvis was so in awe of these majestic creatures and he used his binoculars he received for Christmas to learn about them. I am so happy to give my children outlets to learn about our fellow earthlings in their natural habitat. We say NO to zoos and sea parks because animals deserve to free, not stuck in a cage or tank. Check out this awesome @bitesizevegan kid youtube video to inform kids about why they should say “NO WAY to ZOO DAY!” HERE. Also watch the documentary “BlackFish” on Netflix!

Here is a little clip I took of the whales breaching that takes my breath away: WATCH HERE

Anyways this blog post isn’t about that day, as cool as it was. Fast forward to a few days later when we take Aunt Paula to a little waterfall spot we frequent. That morning Andrew went on an hour run while I stayed home and did a yoga video with the kids. Then, after we freshened up with green smoothies, we packed the kids and Aunt Paula in the car and headed to the waterfall hike in the next town.

Sarah, her partner Lucas, and their daughter Kaia met up with us, then we trekked to the swimming spot together. The water was so incredibly calm and a wonderful crystal blue color yesterday that, again, my breath was taken away. We jumped into the shockingly cold fresh water and I swear this type of experience is medicinal and so healing for the soul.

After Sandy’s quick and chilly dip he decided he’d rather throw rocks on dry land while we swam.


Elvis used his imagination, and lived up to his name, by using a tree branch as a guitar and sang loud songs for us. The shirt he’s wearing says “Coocoo for coconuts” and it was made by my friend Alyse at raw-alignment.com. And by the way, how beautiful are Sara and Kaia?! We love them so much and I am so thankful to have likeminded friends like them in our lives.

After we finished swimming we walked back towards the front of the hike to my most favorite picnic spot. It’s this huge grassy area surrounded by bamboo, tropical flowers and shade-giving trees where hardly a soul stops by to enjoy besides ourselves.


Sara brought watermelon and tangerines and I brought guacamole with veggies to dip as well as papaya and lots of ripc spotty bananas. When healthy food is served to children in abundance for them to share, it promotes a love-filled atmosphere and makes healthy food exciting! Extra points for colorful fruits! The kids munched on watermelon and got it all over their faces and bodies as they listened to the unique and soothing sound of bamboo clacking together. “Such a cool sound!” they said. “Look how high up the bamboo goes!”

After the kids finished their snacks they got up and played a baseball game with the dads. Andrew, Lucas and the kids ran around and around the grass laughing and falling over the place while they hit and threw the ball. Sara and I sat on the blanket and talked while we watched them play. Kaia had some frustrating moments when she got tagged out because she wanted to run around ALL the bases. So she ran to Sara who always has her arms open wide for hugs and empathic words to help her calm down. It’s always nice when the dads have the day off and can come along for get togethers because then Sara and I get moments where we can catch up alone while the kids play with their dads. I’m SO grateful for dads and their amazing presence!

Once the kids got muddy knee-high, we decided we were ready to head home for the evening. We said our goodbyes to the Triglia family and planned for the next time we’d hang out. Once we got home and washed up I answered some emails while Andrew and Aunt Paula made dinner. This night we had Creamy Yam Soup with Potato Crisp Dippers and it is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE recipe as of late. I’m pretty obsessed with it and you can find the recipe in my NEW ebook called “Epic Vegan Food” HERE! I came up with the recipe one night when I was looking for something new to make but I didn’t have time to go to the grocery store. So I just threw into a pot all the veggies I had on hand to cook, then blended them with spices and a little plant fat and BOOM! It was so dang tasty that I made it almost every night for dinner that week! haha!

My ebook “Epic Vegan Food” is filled with over 40 mouth watering vegan recipes (both raw and cooked meals) + loads of health tips, encouragement, inspiring content and beginner VEGAN tips! So check it out! And if you buy the ebook, be sure to tag me (@ellenfisher on Instagram) in the photos you take of the recipes, and hashtag #epicveganfood, so I can see your creations!

After we ate dinner and cleaned up the dishes, Andrew and I tagged teamed getting the kids ready for bed. We brushed their teeth and I nursed Sandy while Andrew put Elvis to bed. Once the kids were asleep, Andrew, Aunt Paula and I relaxed on the couch together and watched a movie. Thanks for coming over to my site see what we are up to! Hope you enjoyed these photos like I do! I’ll cherish them forever.

Love, Ellen

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