No fancy smancy tools are necessary to enjoy beautiful sweet fruits and vegetables. But often it is wonderful to have some easy to use and amazing tools to mix it up in the kitchen!

The Vitamix is by far the BEST blender. (Click the link to get free shipping with your blender purchase!) I am absolutely in love with my Vitamix. The loyalty they have to their customers is insane. I received my Vitamix for Christmas in 2006. This blender liquifies everything into your perfect desired texture from cold smoothies to warming raw soups to creamy dressings. In 2013 I noticed my blender was starting to leak from the bottom of the container so I called the Vitamix company to see what they could do. Within a week I received a brand new container, free of charge! I had not even signed up for any kind of warranty. A few months later my silly husband was making raw “banana ice cream” (blended frozen bananas whipped into perfect ice cream texture), took the lid off and pushed the tamper straight into the whirling blades, completely wrecking the tamper. Again, the Vitamix company sent me a new tamper, completely free of charge. We use our blender multiple times a day to make smoothies, dressings, sauces and soups. I am so happy with my blender and will stay loyal to Vitamix for life.

Another kitchen tool I absolutely love is my spiralizer! I love making “pasta” by spiralizing zucchini or cucumber and topping it with a raw marinara sauce. So So savory and satisfying! My favorite spiralizer which makes the perfect texture of raw vegetable noodles is the Benriner Cook Helper Slicer.

I also love my Cuisinart Food Processor! I use it weekly which helps me out in a lot of my recipes!

Juicy juice juice. I adore fruit and vegetable juice. Having a juicer can be a wonderful addition to the kitchen. Teaching your children how to make fresh juice will encourage them to eat more fruits and vegetables too, simply because it is fun for them to contribute in helping you in the kitchen (this work with blending smoothies in the Vitamix too!). I love starting my day out with a giant fresh juice including lots of fruit such as apples or pineapple and veggies such as carrots, celery, cucumber, kale, chard, etc. The possibilities really are endless. I always make sure to add lots of fruit to give me enough calories, and to make sure it is sweet and delicious of course! My favorite juicers are the Green Star and Champion juicers.

Occasionally I use my Excalibur Dehydrator for some whole food low fat raw vegan recipes, such as warming some raw mushrooms topped with a raw marinara sauce, or dehydrating some fruits for Elvis, like bananas or star fruit. I love my dehydrator and I only use it for whole food low fat recipes. There are loads of raw food recipe books which incorporate dehydrating foods that are very high in fat (including a lot of nuts, seeds, and oils), and I do not recommend getting into this form of raw eating. Focus on whole, fresh, ripe, raw, organic, fruits and vegetables. The Exalibur can be a fun tool to use from time to time, but is definitely not a necessity in the kitchen.