Epic Vegan Food




I put my heart and soul into this ebook! I filled it with loads of family style cooked dinner meals + all my GO-TO smoothie and salad recipes to keep it fresh during the day! The recipes in this eBook are my family’s favorites from all our years being vegan!

Epic Vegan Food is also meant to be used as encouragement and a health guide with tips to get you on a track towards optimal health and well being. I share inspiring and educating resources, health tips and encouragement for a lighter footprint on the planet and compassion to the animals. No matter what point you are at on your journey this ebook can be a useful source for inspiration! All the recipes are 100% Vegan, gluten free, oil free, kid approved and are WHOLE FOODS focused. Compassionate vegan food feels good from the inside out. So you can make each recipe with love, knowing that with every meal you are choosing self love and love for others at the same time.


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