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Maui living. What we did today

By April 1, 2014Uncategorized

Aloha everyone! I felt inspired to blog about my day today. A lot of people ask us about our life here in Maui and how we made such a big move. I will be doing a whole post on what steps we took to get to where we are today, living in tropical paradise, but for now, I want to share with you the simplistic beauty we experience on a regular sunday day.

I headed out for a 30 minute early morning run followed by 30 minutes of body weight exercises at home. Elvis likes to take part in working out with us, and will attempt to do squats and sit-ups just like mommy and daddy. He looks to us for approval and says, “Look mommy! Look! Look!” Of course, we approve, and applaud his efforts. After working out, I sat down to a big bowl of über sweet tangerines I had picked up at the farmers market from the day before. Elvis joined in eating tangerines with me and about this time Andrew left for work.

My husband work’s both jobs on Sundays. He is a tour guide for a zip line company by morning, and organic grocery buyer for a health food market by evening. This is the only day of the week that he regularly works both jobs in one day. So it’s always just me and Elvis cruisin’ the town on sundays. It was a little gloomy so we opted not to go to the beach. He wanted to go outside, though, so we went to explore the neighborhood. 

 I love the neighborhood we live in because it is so family friendly. There are tons of kids on our street and Elvis loves to play with them all. Signs are everywhere telling people to “Drive slow. Children at play”. All of our neighbors say hi to each other and we have become close with quite a few of them.

BANANA PLANTS!! Bananas grow abundantly year round on Maui and are easy to maintain. I love being able to walk down any given street and spot tropical fruits growing such as bananas and papayas, or mangos, starfruit and citrus when they are in season. If you ever question whether it is healthful to eat an abundance of organic fruit, take a step back and think about it with a common sense approach. When the fruit is in season, healthy fruit trees will rain an abundance of their sweet gifts to us everyday. This rings true even for fruit trees in colder climates like apple and pear trees. If we are only meant to eat one or two bananas a day, for fear of eating “too much sugar”, then what are we supposed to do with the rest of these bananas? 

In case you didn’t know, this is what sprouting coconut trees looks like!

We decided to explore down a road we haven’t been down much. We ran into Harold, a big burly neighbor of ours who drives past our house quite often and rolls his window down to say, “aloha” to Elvis. But we had never personally been to his house before. We started talking about his beautiful banana plants and of course, all the other tropical fruits entered the conversation. He asked what fruits we like best. This is a very serious question for a couple of fruitarians. So I told him my favorite was mango, next were durian and jackfruit, then of course, sapodilla. And longans are Elvis’ current favorite. He stopped me mid sentence, when I was just getting started, and said, “Oh. You like jackfruit? I have a jackfruit tree. I never eat them. Do you want some?” UH DUH! He took us to his backyard to show us. It was a gorgeous jackfruit tree and there were rotting jackfruits turning into mulch all over the ground. HUZZAH! Jackfruit jackpot. We only took one home simply because that was all I could carry. It was so heavy I could barely walk it up the street. And I didn’t even take the biggest one. There were massive one’s way high up in the tree. I’m talking so massive that one jackfruit could feed seven fruitarians for lunch and even one really strong man would barely be able to carry it.

It was an amazing jackfruit, super sweet and slightly crunchy, just how we like them. There are many varieties of jackfruit, each with their own unique flavor and texture. For those of you who have not experienced the taste of jackfruit, the flavor tastes of Juicy Fruit gum! We are so delighted to now have a bountiful supply of free jackfruit. What should we do to thank Harold? Any ideas?

This fruit is so beautiful. God’s imagination and creativity really is magnificent isn’t it?!

The rest of our day included green smoothie making for Elvis, nap time, inside fort designing out of couch cushions and bed sheets, and reading Dr. Seuss books on the bed.

During Elvis’ oh so precious nap time…errr, more like nap time that is precious to me, I answered emails, worked on my e-recipe book (that i’m ALMOST finished with by the way! woohoo!), and caught up on some reading. Currently I am reading How Children Learn by John Holt. This book is amazing, to say the least. I absolutely love how he is able to speak to me in so many ways to be a better mamma. Holt’s revolutionary thoughts on education is inspiring and eye opening. He has encouraged me to nurture Elvis’ natural learning a
bilities and I thank him for that.

Welp, that’s all for now. Thanks for tuning in! 

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  • Elizabeth says:

    WOW!! Jackfruit score!! What a nice man to offer those to you. I have yet to taste on and I live in Florida! I’m sure they grow around here.
    Wonderful post. Looks like you and Elvis had a blessed Sunday. God is so good!!!
    Peace & Raw Health,

  • Meherbani says:

    Hey Ellen, it’s so sweet of you to take the time to share with us all your precious life with you, Elvis and your husband… pictures and story are gr8! thanks.

  • Kayla says:

    Hi Ellen! I was looking forward to another blog post from you! I came across your Instagram account a couple weeks back and your photos are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your lifestyle journey with us all! Your IG account and website radiant something beautiful and positive, I love it! So please keep it up! You are inspiring! I have ordered my 80/10/10 book and I’m looking forward to its arrival very soon! Peace & Love from Canada

  • Amanda says:

    Great post!! Wow! What an amazing Jack Fruit connection! So Lucky!!! Aloha

  • Melissa says:

    Hi Ellen,
    Would you do a post on your fitness, what you do weekly etc. Or just give a quick reply to what you do. Ive just started out on the 80.10.10 but im nor a big fitness person although id love to be and would love some guidance. You look amazing and healthy.
    I will be in contact soon about a consultation package with you this month.
    Much love.

    • Ellen Fisher says:

      hi melissa! i like to mix it up and keep it interesting. i go running about 3x a week for about 30-40 minutes. then i come back and do body weight exercises (like squats, lunges, sit ups, planks, etc) for another 20 minutes. on the days i don’t run i do a yoga workout from a youtube video and more body weight exercises. i don’t workout at all about 1 day a week. out of all my workout days, about 2-3x a week i am really pushing myself super hard to where i feel like i can hardly breath throughout all my workouts for the full hour and am dripping in sweat. hope this helps! making progressive gains each week and being consistent, and pushing yourself hard on a weekly basis is key to what works for me to staying fit xo

  • Deirdre says:

    Hi! I’ve just come across your blog and love your posts/videos. I have 2 vegan toddlers so it’s nice to know there are others out there!

  • kate says:

    Could you possibly let me know what elvis eats in an average day now that he no longer is breastfeeding. Xox

    • Ellen Fisher says:

      hi there! he eats the same foods as he did when he was breast feeding. if he desires a little more overt fat foods (like avocado, coconut meat or hemp seeds), then i give him a little extra. but other than that, his diet is exactly the same. he eats as much fruits and vegetables as he desires.

  • Des says:

    aloha Ellen! I’m a 17 year old 80% raw vegan and have been having some problems with acne- it’s not cystic or very bad but it seems my face is always too oily and certain zits or dark spots never go away, even though I thought they would have by now. I get lot of sun an use ProActiv. My doctor prescribed me some antibiotics that would help with oil control and he said my face would clear up. Should I be wary of taking them? I work hard to put no chemicals in my body…would it be wrong or very unhealthy to take the antibiotics?

    • Ellen Fisher says:

      hi there love. antibiotics will not HEAL your skin. it will only mask the root problem. to heal the skin from the inside out continue with eating a diet consisting of whole, fresh, ripe, raw organic fruits and vegetables. Try doing banana island for a week or so! (where you only eat perfectly ripe bananas and tender greens for a period of time.) Personally, i used to have a deep rooted acne issue, and my skin only healed once i cut out cooked foods and stopped making cooked food a regular part of my diet. Also what helped in healing: banana or mango island, stopping all personal facial care products (only wash my face with water no cleansers), got LOTS of sleep, vigorous work out routine to help speed up the process of excreting toxins etc. hope this helps. healing naturally is FAR better than antibiotics.

  • susie says:

    very cool! do you go to a local church on the island?

  • Lauren says:

    Hi Ellen 🙂 Your blog is so intresting and along with your family have inspired me to become a vegan I was just wondering what inspired you to become a vegan and the reaction that people around you had? Thank you 😀

  • Hi Ellen. Ive been following you on IG and you tube and I find your lifestyle and diet so inspiering. Im vegan myself, and almost all raw (some warm veggies here and there), but I eat high fat, and I feel it so well that its not good for me. At all. And I know that both my body and mind and energy would really benefit from eating lfrv. Its so important for me to change, because I need and want energy for my babyboy, AND I want others to see me thriving, so they want yo change and go vegan them self. My problem is that Im so affraid to change.. trying ti take it one step at the time though, and just add in more fruits to my diet.
    Anyway, ordered you e book today and cant wait to get it. I look forward to make delicious healthy food and to get more comfortable with this change.
    Wish you and you beautiful family a happy day ♥

  • Hope says:

    You are a very inspiring individual! I love seeing your posts.

  • Elisabet says:

    Hi Ellen. U are amazing!
    Wanted to know when u are planning to write another post? I really love your blog but Im not so fond of youtube all together. Would love to know what your thoughts are on breastfeeding and natural parenting 🙂 I am so inspired by your family. I live in the nordic countries so there are not many options when it comes to fruit. What about ripe fruit!
    Thanx 🙂

    • Ellen Fisher says:

      hi there! thanks for your positivity and love! i am trying my best to keep up with the blog. life gets in the way though haha. there are not enough hours in my day to get everything done i would like to get done, but also be mindful in practicing relaxed and low stress living, all the while spending quality time with my boys. good ideas for future blog topics! stay tuned hopefully a new blog post will be coming soon. x

  • Elisabet says:

    I sound so demanding! Go on and enjoy your boys and the great Maui 🙂 Have a great week!

  • Danielle says:

    I can’t wait for the post listing the steps of what you guys did to move to Maui. I myself and planning the move around September/October 🙂 Any helpful tips would be much appreciated! 🙂

  • Heather G says:

    Hi, Ellen! First off, I’d like to tell you how much an inspiration you have been and continue to be to me. It seems like you have such a kind heart! Could you possibly share some of the ways in which you have chosen to raise Elvis? Are there any certain things you do or don’t do? Also, I’ve seen quite a few charts on what foods are good and bad for lactation and milk production. Most of the foods they tell you to avoid are fruits and vegetables, such as mangoes and pineapples. To me, that just doesn’t seem correct! Like you, mangoes are my absolute favorite and I wouldn’t dream of giving them up. It makes no sense to me, to avoid certain fruits and vegetables during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Did you eat lots of these fruits during the time you were pregnant and breastfeeding? If so, did it affect your milk production in any way? Thank you, Ellen! I hope to hear back from you (:

    • Ellen Fisher says:

      hi there! no i didnt avoid any certain fruits or vegetables for my milk production. i ate an abundance of seasonal organic fruits and veggies and my milk production was perfect since the beginning. xo

  • Alison says:

    Hey Ellen! I’ve been following you on IG for a long time (alleyappletree) and I just decided to google pregnancy and 801010 and your website came up. I am trying to conceive and it’s not happening. I am also nursing my toddler to which i think is why im not conceiving. I am rawtill4 right now but I am seriously considering going fully raw with maybe some rice crackers or potatoes here or there in the winter. Do you have any tips on how to conceive or have you written any posts on this topic?

    • Ellen Fisher says:

      hi alison. look into “seed cycling” (google it online). and consider adding in a little more dietary fat to your diet. make sure to keep a healthy omega balance by blending chia and hemp seeds to your dressings or smoothies. also, chart your fertility with “fertility awareness method” so you can know if you might be ovulating but not bleeding. i don’t have any posts on this topic because I’m not an expert on the subject and would like to learn more before posting about it. hope this helps in any way though love. you could also check out don bennett at health101.org to see if you would want to get testing done for any insufficiencies. xox would love if you let me know your progress in the future.

  • Elizabeth says:

    This might sound silly but I really want to start eating almost entirely fruits and vegetables, but I feel like I have a long list of vegetables I dislike. When you first transitioned to this lifestyle did you have anything you didn’t like to eat but now you love? Also I continue to constantly crave processed junk food and occasionally milk, is there anyway to squash these cravings? Thanks!

    • Ellen Fisher says:

      not for me, but my husband, yes. when we first started dating when we were 16 years old he didnt like any vegetables except asparagus. when we got into the raw vegan diet he slowly but surely would try my foods and realized he actually did like salads when made deliciously, and other veggies in smoothies (green leafs) he didnt know he could like. it just takes a little time in transitioning and teaching your tastebuds to love the right foods. as far as cravings, satisfy your body with sweet fruits during the day. eat as much as u desire. never restrict your calories from fruit. and remember, 2 bananas for breakfast is only 2 hundred calories, so u will surely be starving come lunch time and be ravenous for unhealthy foods. you must eat enough calories from fruit to keep you satisfied until your next meal an example of breakfast could be 4 hawaiian papayas, or 5-7 mangos. lunch for me is lately 5-7 bananas with lots of coconut water smoothie and barley grass juice powder in the smoothie as well). big, rich, sweet and satisfying, keeping me totally full until dinner. if you don’t eat enough calories from the foods we are designed to eat, you will surely have major cravings for the foods u grew up on. once u learn to eat enough calories throughout your day from sweet tropical fruit, and supply yourself with enough minerals from vegetables (and barley grass juice powder is something don bennett from health101.org recommends), cravings generally disappear often rather quickly. xo

  • Johanna says:

    Hi Ellen I would love some advice I’m pregnancy frutitarian diet, I’ve been frutitarian for about two years but am a bit scared because am in my first trimester of pregnancy I wonder is baby would get enough from the fruits I eat and I would like to know if you take any multivamin or folic acid during pregnancy, I will appreciate any answer from a busy person as you.

    • Ellen Fisher says:

      hi johanna, have u read my blog post “transitioning to the 811 diet while pregnant or nursing”? even though u are not transitioning i think you will find the post helpful. as far as supplements, go to health101.org and look into don bennett’s info on his recommendations for supplements. he’s been a fruit based raw vegan for over 20 years and he is extremelyyyy well informed. he is a wealth of knowledge. look into getting barley grass juice powder and don bennett recommends 2 heaping tbsp of it every day in a smoothie. I’m actually coming out with a video where interviewed don bennett on just this subject-the subject of supplementing while pregnant. and we discuss folic acid and others as well. stay tuned hopefully it will be up on my youtube channel within a week. xo

  • Abieatsrawly says:

    If you are reading John Holts book you are off to such a great start.
    Home education is such a great opportunity for learning 24/7.
    Autonomy is everything!
    Way to go!
    Blessings and abundance to you,
    Abi 🙂

  • James says:


    My partner and I are transitioning to Raw til 4 and we find your YouTube and Instagram very inspiring.

    Yes please write a blog post about how you came to be living such an amazing lifestyle in Hawaii. I am jealous as I am stuck in Melbourne, Australia. But don’t get me wrong, I love other parts of Australia, especially Queensland my home state, it’s just that the Melbourne lifestyle doesn’t suit me.

  • Selene says:

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    site, i am browsing this web page dailly and get good facts from here everyday.

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  • yana says:

    Hi Ellen
    I love all your videos and posts. The first time I ate jackfruit was when I moved to CA. I love it so much. Not sure if you know it, the jackfruit seeds are pretty tasty, too! simply boil it and add some salt in the water if you want. it has a nutty flavor and tastes like potato and beans.

  • kiersten says:

    I would love to see a blog post about your big move to Maui !

  • adriana says:

    I second the blog post about moving to Maui!

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